1. How do I arrange a quote for my venue’s fire protection maintenance services with GH Fire?

Simply click here to get in contact with our customer care team or call (03) 8609 1278

2. When should I engage GH Fire to assist with fire protection design and installation for my project?

The earlier the better. Our project management team will provide valuable advice during the pre-planning stage of your project for the most cost-efficient fire protection design possible

3. Can GH Fire take over the Essential Services Maintenance from another provider?

We aim to handle all transitions seamlessly and in a polite manager. Get in touch with our customer care team to discuss our hassle-free process.

4. What type of Essential Services Maintenance reports can I expect from GH Fire?

We use simPRO technology for the management of fire protection systems at our sites. This enables full proof tracking and record-keeping of your equipment and real-time reporting for transparency.

5. Are all the fire technicians qualified to work on-site?

Our personnel is the best in the business. Most are qualified electricians as well as FPAS accredited technicians.

6. Which areas in Victoria does GH Fire service?

Our personnel are well equipped and are readily accessible to all parts of Victoria.

7. How quickly can a fire technician attend my venue in an emergency?

Emergency call-outs are our top priority. Using GPS location technology, we will allocate the closest trained fire technician to your job.

8. Does GH Fire only design or maintain the fire services at commercial venues?

In addition to existing offices, stadiums, industrial factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants and new constructions, we extend our professional project management and maintenance services to luxury and large-scale residences throughout Victoria.